A complete media solution.

Your membership is unique and ClubCom empowers you with the tools to deliver the right mix of music, internal promotions, member education, entertaining content and more. We deliver customized content to customers around the globe to help our health club partners grow their businesses. We’re confident we can do the same for you!


ClubCom broadcasts high-definition music audio and video entertainment, member education segments, club promotions and advertising.  Programming is broadcast through your overhead sound system and a portion of your televisions, and is also available on your personal viewing screens.  It’s truly your complete media solution.


While the music plays, the primary screen displays music videos (synced with the music) while network sponsors appear in the small window next to the music video. Your logo, digital clock and scrolling messages are also displayed.

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While the music plays, digital signage in the primary screen broadcasts your club promotions, wellness tips, sports scores and third-party advertising. The small window displays the artist and song title being played through the overhead music. The scrolling text messaging can be customized by you, so you can communicate directly with your members about news and club information.

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Full screen television communications (sight and sound) broadcast club promotions, wellness segments and third-party advertising during station breaks. It’s a powerful way to communicate with your members.

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